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Goodbaby Artist Collaboration


Goodbaby is a Chinese juvenile products company with an impressive track record and a leading market position. To celebrate it's 30th anniversary in October 2019, ChinaCalling united 3 outstanding Dutch artists to design special collaboration series. The joint artists are HEDOFXaviera and Jessica. Their designs covering the GB star products -strollers, care products and home textile. 


好孩子是中国的母婴产品集团,拥有骄人的业绩和领先的市场地位。 为庆祝好孩子的三十周年,双享联合了三位杰出的荷兰艺术家,创作了特别的合作系列。 联合艺术家是HEDOF、Xaviera和Jessica。 他们的设计涵盖了好孩子的明星产品-婴儿推车,以及护理产品和棉纺用品。

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